Monday, January 27, 2019, UCSC graduate students withholding grades were notified that if they do not submit grades by Feb. 2, 2020, they will be subject to discipline under the student code of conduct. Yesterday, UAW President Kavitha Iyengar wrote the following letter to UCSC labor relations in response:

Dear Jennifer,

In the Chancellor’s letter to the UCSC community, sent yesterday, she states: “graduate students who do not submit grades by Feb. 2, 2020, will receive a written disciplinary warning in accordance with the UC/UAW contract. Students alleged to have deleted grades will receive a student conduct summons.

Please note the position of the UAW, which is that any such discipline would be unwarranted. Further, any discipline issued to an individual regarding grades by definition would be an allegation regarding their duties as an employee of the University, as non employees do not issue grades. Therefore, any such discipline would be covered by the UC/UAW 2865 contract and all rights to challenge such discipline will arise from that contract as well. Any reference to a student conduct summons in the context or employment is misplaced and an unlawful effort to subvert the contract and the Union’s and its’ members rights.

Kavitha Iyengar
President UAW 2865