Workplace Issue?

One of your union’s primary functions is to enforce the contract that you work under. The union does this by representing student-workers during the grievance procedure, which can include everything from informal discussions with your department to formal meetings with the university’s Labor Relations department. If you have a concern about your workplace, please fill out the form below.

Common workplace issues include:

Wages and Tuition/Fee Remission (e.g. late or incorrect pay, non-payment of top-ups/supplemental wages, incorrect step placement, not receiving AR merit reviews/raises, etc)

Abusive conduct/bullying, harassment, discrimination

Health and safety issues

Appointment issues (e.g. being arbitrarily underappointed, losing your job after you accepted it, not receiving proper postdoc appointment length)

Access needs (e.g. workers with disabilities being denied an appropriate accommodation)

Parent Rights (e.g. difficulties accessing paid parental leave or childcare benefits)

International Scholar Rights (e.g. NRST remission, visa support)

Workload (e.g. going over your weekly hours) 

Misclassification (e.g. tutors performing TA work without appropriate compensation, ARs not being appointed in the proper title based on experience, GSRs not receiving wage increases or benefits)