Fall 2023 Vacancy Election: October 23 & 24

October 9, 2023 Update

As there were no statewide contested positions or any campus contested positions for the October Vacancy Election scheduled for October 23-24, the election has been canceled. The officers below were elected by acclamation following the close of nominations:

Statewide Executive Board:
Northern Vice President: Emily Weintraut (Food Science, UC Davis)
Trustee: Anny Viloria Winnett (Community Health Sciences, UCLA)

Berkeley Unit:
Head Stewards: Gabe Classon (Math & Computer Science) and Sebastián Puerta (Economics)

Davis Unit:
Head Stewards: ​​Abby Ray (Microbiology) and Anna Jo Muhich (Plant Sciences)

Merced Unit:
Unit Chair: Marie Buhl (Environmental Systems)
Head Steward: Sameen Yunus (Physics)

San Diego Unit:
Head Steward: Adam Hall (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)

Santa Cruz Unit:
Head Steward: Vacant

Congratulations to the newly elected officers!

In solidarity,
Heeba Hartit
Local 2865 Elections Committee