UAW 2865 Travel Reimbursement Policy

Authorized by the Joint Council in April 2019
Approved by the Executive Board on May 1, 2019
Applies to all travel which occurs following approval.

You can find the reimbursement request process here.

Quick Facts:

  • Members traveling by car are asked to submit a request for fuel reimbursement. Fuel purchases will be reimbursed at 125% of the total cost. Instructions for such reimbursements are below.
  • Transportation to an airport, airport parking, and car rental can also be reimbursed if approved in advance.
  • Flights can be reimbursed if travel by plane has been authorized in advance. Reimbursements for airfare will only be approved when the total cost incurred to the union is lower than it would’ve been if the relevant trip had been done by car, unless the Executive Board or Joint Council has approved an exception to this policy.
  • All authorized travel on union business over 50 miles may be reimbursed. If such travel is not routine travel provided for in the bylaws (such as travel to Joint Council meetings), it should be approved in advance.
  • Travel spending made without prior approval but on duly authorized union business in unforeseen and exigent circumstances will be fairly considered for reimbursement by the Executive Board and Joint Council.

Fuel Reimbursement Policy and Guide:

Fuel used during authorized travel for union business on trips 50 miles or longer will be reimbursed at
125% cost. For example, if a trip required the purchase and use of $50 of gas, the reimbursement would
be $62.50. This added amount is intended to offset depreciation – “wear and tear” – on member
vehicles. Fuel will be reimbursed at 100% when purchased for rental cars. Tolls, parking, and other
additional nominal expenses will also be reimbursed at 100% when necessary.

Guide to purchasing fuel for union travel:

  1. Fill your tank. This purchase will not be reimbursed.
  2. Begin your trip. Save all receipts for gas purchases made during your trip. To speed and simplify
    the reimbursement process, make gas purchases separately from other things you might be
    buying at a gas station.
  3. At the end of the trip, fill your tank back up. Save this receipt as well.
  4. You now have as much as gas as when you began the trip. Our union will reimburse the total
    amount for all gas purchased during the trip, up to this final fill-up.
  5. Add up the cost of these gas purchases and multiply by 1.25. Request this amount on the
    reimbursement request form (available on our website). Submit this form to along with a picture or scan of all relevant receipts, along with travel
    authorization, if necessary (for example, you could forward an email chain demonstrating JC or
    E-board approval to along with the form and receipts).

Joint council members are entitled to a travel reimbursement for Joint Council meetings outside their
own campus.

A Joint Council member may be reimbursed for the cost of flying (rather than driving) to a Joint Council
meeting, if – given personal commitments – (1a) the Joint Council member demonstrates his/her
inability to arrange carpools with other Joint Council members traveling to the meeting from the same
or a nearby campus, and (1b) the cost of traveling by car individually exceeds the cost of flight, or (2) the
Joint Council member is entitled to travel by means other than car because of the accommodation
policy (see below).

If a Joint Council member wishes to travel to a Joint Council meeting from a location other than their
home campus area, they may request a special travel reimbursement. Requests for such
reimbursements must be made in advance and should be brought to the Executive Board for approval.
Reimbursements may be partial depending on the nature of the travel.

When a Joint Council meeting coincides with another meeting that an officer has to attend, the JC
travel policy (which encourages travel by car and carpooling) applies unless the relevant committee or
body has specifically allocated funding for flights to this meeting.

The Executive Board and Joint Council are authorized to approve exceptions to the above policy.

General Travel Policy:

Travel conducted in a manner other than use of one’s own personal conveyance and in excess of the
ordinary reimbursement rate must be approved in advance by the Executive Board (or Joint Council), as
well as the appropriate committee or unit, when drawing from a committee or unit budget rather than
general travel funds.

Spending on lodging must be approved in advance, excepting exigent circumstances.
For travel spending to a committee meeting or committee-related activity, the committee, officer, or
member requesting travel funding shall provide:

  1. Proof of official approval of the expense – to be drawn from the committee or unit budget – for
    those individuals travelling as per the Expense Authorization policy.
  2. A record of the maximum amount approved for said expenses by the committee.

Advance Flight Booking Policy:

When any officer or member requests advance booking of a flight by the statewide office in lieu of use
of the reimbursement process, their request to the statewide office ( must
include the following information:

  1. Proof of Executive Board approval, including the maximum dollar amount allowed
  2. Full name (as it appears on identification) and date of birth
  3. The specific flight(s) preferred
  4. The earliest and latest time possible for arrival and departure, in case the preferred flight is
  5. Such requests should be made 10 business days in advance of a flight.

Requesters should make every effort to book their travel as early as possible.
Individuals under financial duress or other exigent circumstances can request that our Union book a

flight directly with less than 10 business days notice by contacting the Executive Board through at Please label your request “Prompt Action Required”.

Accommodation Policy:

If an officer has a disability or other condition which requires special accommodation when engaging in
travel on duly authorized union business, they may request to be permanently pre-approved for
accommodation for such travel. If appropriate, the Executive Board may request documentation by a
doctor of the need for special accommodation. This request should be made to the Executive Board no
later than 14 days in advance of the earliest planned date of travel. If approved, the Executive Board will
communicate this information to the office manager, who will maintain the list of officers pre-approved
for special accommodation when travelling on union business. An officer on this list is still responsible
for giving the main office 10 business days notice for any request to book a flight or other travel
accommodation, unless exigent circumstances apply.