Childcare Reimbursement Program

Under our latest contract, ASEs won a 27% increase to childcare subsidies, increasing from $1,100/quarter to $1350/quarter ($2025 per semester) in Winter 2023 ($2062.5 per semester); to $1400/quarter in 2024 ($2100 per semester).

ASEs are eligible to have your childcare expenses reimbursed by the University if your child is 12 years old or younger and you’re working an appointment of 25% or more as a TA, tutor or reader. This applies to undergrads and grad students. If you work 25% or more during summer sessions, you’re eligible for reimbursement ($1350 for Summer Session 2023 and $1375 for Summer Session 2024) as long you’re a registered student during the terms preceding and following the summer.

This reimbursement is not applied automatically, however! To claim it, you should submit the following to whoever handles payroll in the department where you work:

  • Receipts for childcare expenses
  • Childcare reimbursement form (request from your department/hiring unit, or download below)

You can submit the reimbursement form as soon as childcare as cost you $1,350 over the course of the term (or $2,025 for a semester). The latest you should submit the form is the last day of the term following the term for which you need the reimbursement. If you needed reimbursement for Winter 20XX, for example, the last day you could submit your reimbursement form is the last day of Spring 20XX.

You will need the caregiver’s Taxpayer ID or Social Security Number to complete the form.

Download the Reimbursement form (UBEN 254) from UCOP.