Instead of investing in a fully-staffed education system, UC is choosing to use this moment to intimidate other workers who may be thinking about fighting for higher wages. Increasing class sizes, eliminating TA sections, shrinking the size of research groups, and reducing enrollment are not equitable ways to balance the UC budget. By threatening cuts and layoffs, the UC is peddling the false narrative that it’s only possible to provide quality education at the cost of paying workers poverty wages.


In response to the new wages set in the UAW 2865 contract, academic departments across the University of California have begun announcing cost-cutting measures. The discussed measures include eliminating entire TA discussion sections and replacing graduate student instructors with unpaid undergraduate “assistants”, shrinking research groups, and reducing the overall number of graduate students enrolled by as much as 33%. These cuts will jeopardize UC’s multi-year compact with Governor Newsom, which guarantees significant funding to support UC increasing graduate enrollment.

Join workers at the state capital in Sacramento on Tuesday, March 28th, to demand that UCOP stop the cutbacks and provide the raises the UC agreed to in our contracts without unnecessary cuts!

Are you a worker who has heard about cutbacks to your department? Take the survey and RSVP to campus actions.