October 13, 2023

We mourn the tragic loss of both Palestinian and Israeli lives this week, and we unequivocally condemn the decades-long violent occupation of Palestine that has led to this escalation of horrific violence. As leaders of a diverse and global workforce, and as people of varied faiths and backgrounds, conscience demands that we say clearly: our hearts break for the Israeli families who have lost loved ones, and only break further as these deaths are now used to justify the siege, bombardment, forced transfer, and impending genocide of two million Palestinians in Gaza, over half of them children. 

We are proud to continue the UAW’s history of standing up for the rights of the oppressed and working classes around the world by calling for urgent and immediate de-escalation and the dismantling of the occupation and apartheid system in Israel-Palestine. Such a resolution is made more difficult with each day and every dollar of continued US military support for Israel’s far-right government. But even in the darkest moments we believe in the power of working people to author a just and peaceful future — and just as apartheid fell in South Africa, so are peace and reconciliation possible in Israel-Palestine.

UAW 2865 Executive Board