Bargaining Survey Results


Starting on January 15th, 2022 members of UAW 2865, the union of academic student employees (ASEs) will present the initial bargaining demands to the UC and begin bargaining a new contract for TAs/GSIs, tutors, and readers in March 2022. The feedback from the bargaining survey has been essential in crafting our initial bargaining demands and is crucial for ensuring these demands reflect the collective voices of our members.


  • Number of survey participants: 2,351 (around 11% of all in-unit workers)
  • Highest priorities amongst participants:
    • The number one priority amongst workers is “Increase salary and other compensation” (Avg: 4.79).
    • This was closely followed by “Provide a housing stipend for all ASEs adjusted to cost of living by campus” (Avg: 4.64).

Rent Burden

Rent Burden is defined as spending more than 30% of your income toward paying for rent.2 According to the survey responses, ASEs pay, on average, ~52% of their monthly income toward rent. Overall, over 90% of ASEs are rent burdened! For comparison, the results from the union of academic workers at University of Washington (UAW 4121) survey in 2019 found 82% of ASEs report being rent burdened, and ASEs spend on average over 40% of their income on rent.3

Seven Key Issue Areas by Ranking

  1. Wages, compensation, and benefits
    1. 1st: “Increase salary and other compensation” 
    2. 2nd: “Improve health insurance and retirement benefits” 
    3. 3rd: “Waive all campus tuition and fees (e.g. campus fees, professional fees, etc.)”  
    4. 4th: “Increase access to subsidized parking and transit programs” 
  2. Housing
    1. 1st: “Provide a housing stipend for all ASEs adjusted to cost of living by campus” 
    2. 2nd: “Expand access to affordable student/family housing”
    3. 3rd: “Guaranteed University Housing for those who face discriminatory renting practices”
    4. 4th: “Relocation Stipend for ASEs”
  3. Familial benefits and subsidies
    1. 1st: “Affordable healthcare for dependents and partners” 
    2. 2nd: “Expanded childcare subsidies, access to support and facilities”
    3. 3rd: “Expand length of paid parental leave”
  4. A more just, equitable, and inclusive workplace
    1. 1st: “Improve accommodations for workers with disabilities” 
    2. 2nd: “Implement programs to prevent discrimination and harassment and promote a more equitable and inclusive workplace.”
    3. 3rd: “Enhanced grievance process in cases of bullying, harassment and discrimination”
  5. Policing
    1. 1st: “Redirect resources from policing to alternative health and safety programs” 
    2. 2nd: “Abolish campus police”
  6. International and Undocumented Student Workers
    1. 1st: “Waive Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition” 
    2. 2nd: “Provide funds to cover all visa-related fees and costs that ASEs pay to be employed”
    3. 3rd: “Expand paid leave for ASEs to attend immigration-related appointments and visit family abroad”
    4. 4th: “Waive all Campus-based English Language Proficiency Exam Fees”
  7. Job Security and Workplace Rights
    1. 1st: “Ensure all ASEs are paid on time and correctly”
    2. 2nd: “Year-long ASE appointments and guaranteed summer funding”
    3. 3rd: “Standardize hiring processes and require public posting for ASE jobs”
    4. 4th: “Shorter timelines to resolve workplace issues”

1  These results reflect responses to the UAW 2865 bargaining survey from when it launched on October 6, 2021 to November 3rd, 2021.